Doing business internationally
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The market does not stop at the border. Although many (smaller) companies recognise this, they do not always act accordingly. For companies from Brabant and Limburg, German or Flemish companies can be much more interesting (both in terms of distance and type of company) than a Dutch company in Amsterdam or Groningen, were it not for the fact that differences in language and culture seem to give many companies a form of “threshold fear”. For many clients, Kuipers has successfully sought and found clients in Germany and Flanders, but also in Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, Italy and the United States.
Based on this experience, Kuipers also dares to state that, taking into account the cultural differences, the Dutch spirit of commerce is still considered positive and that, in most cases, people are pleasantly surprised when a Dutch company wants to take the first step towards a mutual collaboration.

Kuipers Marktonderzoek en Marktbewerking has been appointed by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland ( to carry out individual coaching projects under the Starters International Business (SIB) scheme.
In this context, Kuipers MenM is allowed to guide SME companies that want to do more abroad (and do so with a subsidy). This internationalisation strategy involves matters such as: motivation, ambition and distinctive capacity, market information and internal analysis.

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